After completion of the investment called "Jestivo ulje IPK Osijek 2000" the edible oil factory Tvornica ulja Čepin d.d. has significantly increased production capacity for processing oilseeds, thereby increasing production of edible refined oil as well.


The capacity of pressing depends on the type of inlet raw material, as follows:

Ordinal No. Raw materials Capacity
1. sunflower seeds 500 TPD
2. rapeseed 450 TPD
3. soybean 400 TPD

By choosing the technology the priority has been given to the mechanical pre-pressing / final pressing as ecologically most acceptable technology.


The new plant can process crude oils - degumming 200 TPD, and refining of degummed oil 100t TPD.


The bottling department has its own production of PET bottles, and the capacity of 5.500 l/h. 


Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology all our production processes are at very high level of automation – providing high quality of final products.

The complete automation system is made with Siemens equipment and its applications for automation, which enables centralized monitoring and controlling of the entire production.

There are also following units in use:
- Processors of each series, that is: CPU 214, CPU 314, CPU 412-1, CPU 414-3
- Profibus and Ethernet standards for data transmission
- Operational panels Siemens and Simatic Rack PC  with Siemens ProTool and WinCC software tools for visualization,  monitoring and controlling.

Environment Protection

During the plant capacity expansion the Croatian and world’s ecological standards have been taken into consideration:

· Waste Water
cooling water recovery
technological waste water pre-treatment

· Gaseous Emissions
application of internal ventilation systems

· Renewable Energy Sources
According to the plan the existing boiler house is to be modernized and there is a possibility of using renewable energy sources from solid wastes (impurity, sunflower shell) for the production of thermal energy for technological steam.


Bottling and Storage

The bottling department has its own production of PET bottles, and the capacity of 6000 l/h.

The edible oil factory has its own storage capacities for:
- raw material: silos, 2 bulk storage warehouses
- intermediate goods: tanks for crude, degummed and refined oil, tanks for fatty acid for industrial use, silos for cake
- final packed products: air-conditioned drive-in pallet rack storage with truck access ramps for quality storage of final products.