Sunflower oil Tena is a natural source of E vitamin

Sunflower oil „Tena“ is used for cooking in a number of dishes, sauces, salads, mayonnaise, creams, number of desserts, as well as in all types of frying. Due to its mild taste and flavor, it enriches the finished dishes, without impairing original taste and flavor of the dishes. Besides being used in food preparation, sunflower oil „Tena“ is also used in food industry as a high-quality ingredient (raw material) for production of mayonnaise, souses, dressings, creams and other finished foodstuffs.

Beside its 75-year-long tradition in producing sunflower oil in Tvornica ulja Čepin, the quality guarantee are also the following awards:

lnternational Food Fair – Zagreb Fair
          2000. GOLD MEDAL FOR QUALITY

lnternational agricultural Fair in Novi sad 
          2017. GOLD MEDAL FOR QUALITY

Superior Taste Award 
          2016. - 1 GOLDEN STAR
          2017. - 2 GOLDEN STARS

Sunflower oil „Tena“ is bottled in our own bottling department in different packing types.
• 1 liter PET bottle
• 5 liter PET bottle
• In bulk